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Exciting news: Margaret will be travelling to Cuba in November this year to attend the recording of her Saxophone Quartet by Cuban Musicians for Parma Recordings. She has recently returned from the Czech Republic where the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra recorded her orchestral works and duet works for violin and piano.

In October 2015 Parma Recordings featured Margaret as composer of the month.

In July 2015 at the Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference in Melbourne, a packed and appreciative audience attended Margaret's presentation on her 'Geometry of the Piano' teaching concepts.

Margaret received a standing ovation following the performance of her piece by Duo Deconet in Canberra in October 2014. View details of recent past performances on Performance page.

Margaret was awarded the Diploma of Excellence (Dip.E) by the World Piano Teacher's Association for her DVD presentation.

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Margaret received a special award after performing a selection of her compositions and presenting her music education concepts at the World Forum held at Oxford University in August 2012.

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