Suggested materials for preparation and practice in AMEB MUSIC CRAFT

Some teachers may wish to provide students with further resources to supplement the AMEB Music Craft Student Workbook questions that were written by Margaret Brandman. Teachers may devise their own questions and/or the student may work through supplementary material which can be found in the existing Brandman theory and aural materials. Specialised training in rhythm transcription using Margaret Brandman’s unique music short-hand system, is included in the Contemporary Aural Course. Students who learn the music short-hand will gain a head-start for the rhythm questions in the Music Craft course. Information on the instruments should be taken from Music Craft workbooks or the AMEB recommended reference materials, as this area is not covered in the Brandman materials.

Please note: The following information has been prepared by Margaret Brandman.
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Brandman materials for use with AMEB 'Music Craft' topics:

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade