Binna Burra Dreaming

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Binna Burra Dreaming for 'cello and piano is a contemporary, yet listenable work.

The title of the work is taken from the aboriginal name for 'where the beech tree grows'.

The work is in one movement and through-composed in several sections in various modal minor tonalities and varying time signatures.

The piece begins with a cello figure representing the sound of a digeridoo chanting 'binna burra'. The 'beech tree grows' motif appears throughout the work in different guises.

Apart from the melodies, there are intriguing rhythms and contemporary jazz harmonies.

For a more detailed description of the performance notes, please click here to view a pdf version .

A recording of this work by Czech performers Vit Mužík (Violin) and Lucie Kaucká (Piano), is available on Margaret's SENSATIONS CD,

Sensations CD Binna Burra Dreaming Violin And Piano Score Binna Burra Dreaming Cello And Piano Score

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