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For Flute and Piano

This work was set for the 1998 AMEB Flute syllabus. This work is a modal work in three movements.

  • The first movement is in the Aeolian Mode and makes wide use of contrapuntal techniques.
  • The second movement is in the unusual time signature of 7/4. The work which is written in the Phrygian Mode, begins with a haunting introductory section reminiscent of Japanese flute music, and then continues in tempo.
  • The final movement, is in the Ionian Mode , known as our familiar Major scale. This work is written using a swing feel in triple time, and features improvisatory sections for both flute and piano.

You can hear a performance of this work on Margaret's IMAGES CD.

It is performed by Gregory Mayson on Flute and Margaret Brandman on piano

Antics was performed by James Mackay and Margaret Brandman at the Rhapsodies to Rhumbas concert on the 9th of November 2013.

Antics - Rhapsodies To Rhumbas
James Mackay performs the first movement of
Antics with Margaret Brandman on piano