Blues and Boogie-Woogie

12 original compositions teaching the Boogie and Swing Time feel and styles of writing.

Several pieces are set as list pieces for the ANZCA Modern Pianoforte examinations.

Grade 3: Boogie Down the Nile (minor key) and Dexter's Dizzy Dance (major key)

Grade 4: Bear Boogie Express

Grade 5: Bear Boogie Bounce

Grade 6: Blue Gum Boogie and Boppin' Bear Boogie

This book has been designed as a follow-up book to Dexter's Easy Piano Pieces as well as supplementary material to accompany the Contemporary Piano Method.

The Boogie-Woogie pieces in this book provide a good basis for learning about Jazz, including as they do, the Twelve-Bar Blues form, the Blues Scale notes and Swing Timing. Graded into two sections, each section contains one blues piece, three boogie pieces in Major keys and two in Minor keys. Various methods of writing the swing feel have been employed for experience in the style.

They are especially good for building up left-hand technique, require no awkward hand position changes and above all are fun to play.

'Margaret Brandman's publication, gives students a wonderful choice of twelve original blues and boogie-woogie compositions. Also included is a brief history and analysis to give students a background of these styles...

This is an excellent publication which, I am sure, teachers and students will enjoy.'

-June Mclean, AUSTRALIAN MUSIC TEACHER Magazine, Vol 3 No 5 1994