The Contemporary Piano Method Book 2B

The Contemporary Piano Method is recommended reference material for the AMEB's Contemporary Popular Syllabus

The overall objective in this book is the development of the Octave span as a point of reference, and the increase of harmonic knowledge to include all Major and Minor keys and scales, as well as Augmented and Diminished chords, Suspended Fourth chords and all standard four-note chords. Once again there is also a progressive introduction of signs, ornaments and musical features throughout the book.

- Principles of Fingering.
- Chords for changes of sound colour.
- Major 7th Chords, accompaniment styles.
- Melodic Minor Scales.
- Major 6th and Minor 7th Chords.
- Two-Octave Scales.

Popular Dance Music styles. Latin American, Pop, Jazz and Funk.
- Part Playing.
- Minor 6th and Half-Diminished 7th Chords.
- Crotchet Triplets.
- Rhythmic Chord Patterns.
- Compound Intervals.
- Popular tunes.

Apart from the original tunes that I have written for the book, there is music by such composers as Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Purcell and Kerin Bailey.