This DVD demonstrates the initial stages of Margaret Brandman's PLAYING MADE EASY teaching method, including the streamlined music reading aspect and the early development of an at-homeness at the keyboard. The video medium is used to display animated graphics of notation and interval movements as well as live demonstrations by students.

" I believe that this DVD has value not only for new teachers but also for experienced teachers looking for a tutor with a fresh appraoch for beginners of all ages. In summary, the Method proceeds logically with an interesting and workable methodology that teaches you how to teach in an orderly manner using a tactile approach embracing the five finger position related to black and white keyboard topography and the note values of whole, half and quarter notes (semibreve, minim, and crotchet). For best value use the DVD together with the printed version of the Method".

Dr. Rita Crews . MTA (NSW) Quarterly Magazine.