Dexter's Easy Piano Pieces

The Repertoire Book for Level One of The Contemporary Piano Method'

Containing repertoire for Level One (A and B) of the Contemporary Piano Method, this book presents simple two part arrangements, or chordal accompaniments for many well known pieces, ranging from folk melodies to much loved classics through to the Twelve Bar blues tunes and Margaret's new original piece 'Arabian Rock'.

The arrangements and technical exercises (Dexter-Flexers) are specially designed to allow the fingers of both hands to remain on the keyboard so that the interval reading method can be fostered. (Too many rests disturb the reading process for beginners, so it is better for the reading process to use a legato touch which allows students to feel their position on the keys). The tunes also allow students to consolidate the direction concepts introduced in the Junior Primer and Level One A of the method, and are suitable for transposition.

This newly revised edition of the book contains extra pages for easy rhythm training, using the colour and clap graphics and the Pictorial Patterns for the scales to aid in transposition to all keys.

This book may be used on its own or in conjunction with Book One of the Contemporary Piano Method or the Contemporary Organ Method, providing supplementary material in the key areas covered by the Methods. The book provides both original reading and technical material and arrangements of popular and Classical pieces. It features the symbol for dexterity "Dexter the Koala' on each page, plus proportional note-spacing and timing diagrams.