Flights of Fancy

For Flute and Piano and optional Electric Bass line

This work was also set for the 1998 AMEB Flute syllabus.

This three movement work, offers the performers opportunities for improvisation over given structures.

  • The first movement is in two contrasting sections which alternate. (A B A B2 A B3 A) The A section uses a lively modern jazz theme while the second section is a slow moving using rather ambient chord progression. Each time the B section returns it is dealt with differently. Firstly the flute states the theme in long notes. The second time this section appears, the flute improvises over the chords, and the third time, the piano improvises over the progression. The movement then ends with a restatement of the A theme.
  • The second movement is played at an adagio tempo allowing more lyrical themes to be shared between the flute and piano.
  • The final movement final movement explores the 7/4 time signature and a modal tonality. Jazz elements are worked into the composition, along with ostinati and once again the flute has room for improvisation, over the ostinato pattern in the piano part. Then both piano and flute improvise together before the final statement of the 7/4 ostinato theme.

You can hear a performance of this work on Margaret's IMAGES CD

Performed by Gregory Mayson -Flute, Margaret Brandman - piano.