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JUNIOR TRAX - Easy Piano Arrangements

This book replaces the earlier edition entitled 'Favourite Songs from Kidz TV'


  • Early grade pieces arranged for both hands simultaneously
  • Easy reading with the interval approach
  • An interesting new skill in each tune
  • Gently graded material
  • Included single-line duets.

Imaginative arrangements of young children's favourite songs from Australian early childhood programs. Designed to follow on from the Junior Primer, the pieces in this book present extra two-handed practice taking the skills gained in the Junior Primer to the next level.

Melodies remain within five-finger hand positions, along the white note groups in the keys of C and G. Suitable for the transition period from Junior Primer to Book 1A of the Contemporary Piano Method. Also popular with beginner adult students requiring materials to encourage reading accuracy, technical fluency and boost their confidence in the early stages of learning.

Contents A) Traditional favourites:

'Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star', 'I am a Fine Musician', 'London Bridge is Falling Down', 'Two Fat Gentlemen', I Love Little Pussy', 'Little Bo Peep', 'Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty', 'Five Little Ducks', 'Mister Frog', 'Said the Kind Kangaroo',
'Hush-a-bye, Don't You Cry'.

B) Tunes composed by Margaret Brandman:

'Come Clap Your Hands', 'Scooting, Riding, Skating',
'Jingle Jangle', 'The Jumping Flea'.