Contemporary Modal Pieces (formerly Animodes)- 21 descriptive modal pieces for piano

21 Original pieces written with Contemporary Writing techniques, modal, pentatonic, whole-tone and serial pieces each piece descriptive of an Australian native animal. eg. The Albino Koala, the Wombat, Squirrel Glider, The Emu.

The Koala and the Swamp Rat are set as Grade One list pieces for ANZCA examinations.

'Each selection exploits a different mode, and several twentieth-century compositional techniques are introduced, including clusters, serial (12 tone) writing and pieces without measure lines. Novice pianists will find the rhythms challenging, but the pieces are unusual and captivating, and succeed in acquainting the ear with tonalities beyond major and minor.'

-Keyboard Magazine, U.S.A.

'...The class in Methods of Teaching that I have at the Melba Memorial Conservatorium...were most enthusiastic...In the first place they loved the Australian flavour...They were delighted with the information so plainly detailed regarding the various modes. To them it has previously been a dry-as-dust subject, and now here it came to life with some enthralling results. Some of the unusual time-signatures intrigued them and challenged their skill...This book serves a very useful purpose and should give many hours of pleasurable instruction to students both young and old.'

-Margaret Schofield, Chief Study Teacher, Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne. Review in J.A.M.M. MAGAZINE, 1982

'I have been using this publication since it was first released some years ago...and teachers who have attended some of my lectures are well aware of the high regard in which I hold this particular work. It is certainly a worthwhile addition to your teaching material.'

-Rita Crews, AUSTRALIAN MUSIC TEACHER Magazine, Vol 3 No 2 1994