The Geometry of the Piano
and the
Symmetry of the Hands



This lively and intriguing DVD was prepared for presentation for the World Piano Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia (June 2011).  

Topics in the DVD:         

  • Music Mind Map and Interval Tree          
  • Quick ways to teach keyboard patterns:
    Major and Minor scales, Modes, Chords, Arpeggios and Transposition
  • Margaret's 'gestalt' approach to scale fingering based on the symmetry of the hands which speeds up the learning process.
  • Sections of Margaret's original compositions for piano, orchestra, and woodwinds. 

These are heard throughout the DVD as incidental music plus a medley of her larger scale works is featured toward the end of the DVD.  

An added bonus is the vision of Australian landscape artist Ivan Goodacre's paintings which appear while Margaret's music is being played.

Produced by Izabella Venter


" I checked out your Geometry of the Piano and Symmetry of the Hands DVD - terrific - well done! Very polished presentation -a great accompaniment to your scale patterns book! "
Kerin Bailey - Composer/author/pianist.

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