The following materials were used a source material for my article on the Power of Music in the WellBeing Annual, released in Australia in December 1997.



My thanks to Dr Rita Crews and Kay Distel for their assistance and support for the writing of this article. Kay Distel is President of the Health and Education Association for Research into Sound, 'HEARS" which provides contacts and further reading material on many aspects of sound and healing. Ph (02) 6259-1364




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Margaret Brandman is an Australian Composer. music consultant , author, music educator, and pianist . She composes music for piano, instrumental combinations and voice and in addition has written a series of unique music education materials.

Contact details:
Mobile Phone 0414 185 193


Resource List

Margaret Brandman's' Colour Course Map,
When Spirits Soar for Alto Sax or Soprano Sax and Piano


The Music of Margaret Brandman
CD's: Images, Sonorities, Songs of Love and Desire

Music of Sarah Hopkins

CD's -Reclaiming the Spirit, Childers Shining, Honour the Earth,
The Gyoto Monks of Tibet

Sarah's CD's are available from:

New World Productions
PO Box 244, Red Hill,
Qld 4059
ph/fax +61 7 3869-0549

Sarah's Web Sites:,



The Music of Justine Bradley


Australian composer and vocalist Justine Bradley has composed the music contained in three excellent CDs of contemporary sounds. Justine is a certified therapist in Timeline Therapy (TM) and Ericksonian Hypnosis and a Master Practitioner of NLP. She lives in a northern beach suburb of Sydney.

Inner Sense

Composed using hypnotic rhythms and specific tempos 'Inner Sense' is designed to assist the listener in accessing a deep state of relaxation. In invitation to explore the inner realms and 'Nurture the helaer within'

For the mirth of the muse

Composed in state of self induced trance. Justine has incorporated the use of minimalistic lyrical content to enhance the trademark of sensuous melodies and hypnotic rhythm patterns.

Gifts from the unknown

This CD uses the scales of the founding civilizations of humanity, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian etc, as a basis for the compositions. Appealing to both mind and soul, the music is designed to be soothing yet musically engaging while incorporating a good deal of rhythmic interest.

The Music of Riley Lee

Played on the Zen Flute (shakuhachi)

Albums include: 'The Masters of Calm', "Deep Calm" and " Rainforest Reverie"

Contact Riley and Patricia Lee

PO Box 446, Springwood, NSW 2777
Ph +61- 2- 4751-6524
fax +61 2 4751 6286

for more information on Master of Calm contact:
Calm Centre Northbridge:

The Music of Flautist - Tim Wheater

Including: Timeless, WhaleSong, Fish-Nite-Moon and Green Dream

Contact: Sacks and Co. (media)
Carla Sacks
Ph: (212)362-1800 Fax 724 1989 (USA)

Almo Counds Inc
360 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles. CA 90048
Ph: (310) 289-4000



Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing

Jeff Volk ,
Lumina Productions
219 Grant Road,
Newmarket NH 03857

Ph: (603) 659-2959
Fax (603) 659-2939

Bringing Matter to Life with Sound

Highlights of Dr. Hands Jenny's pioneering experiments using sound to excite inert matter into li\fe-like flowing forms,

Available from MACROmedia
P.O.Box 279.
Epping NH 03042


Further resources and information can be obtained from:

Sound Therapy Australia

PO Box A2237,
Sydney South
NSW 2000

ph/fax 02 - 9310 0771

Director: Rafaele Joudry.

Books available from here include: 'Sound Therapy for the Walkman" by Patricia Joudry

"This book is based upon a new discovery about the effect of sound upon the brain. Sound Therapy is a listening technique using high frequency music for beneficially recharging the cortex of the brain. The effect upon the person is one of vitalizing, harmonizing and healing in almost every area of being"

Stephen and Kirsten Skelton

Music and Sound Healing, vedic astrology, pranic/reiki energy and healing, inner child and NLP.
Work in hospices, hospitals and families with death and dying.


Ruth McCracken

Healing with energy and sound