Lyrics by Désirée Regina and Music by Margaret Brandman

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Do you believe in Soul Mates? Whilst listening to this moving collection of art songs, your soul and heart will open, tuning in to attract your soul mate.

Désirée Regina’s mesmerizing voice and magical lyrics, together with Margaret Brandman’s sensitive performance and melodic composition, have created a spell-binding “Soul Mate” CD.

These 6 Magical songs will embrace and attract the one meant for you.
It worked for so well for Désirée, that we were encouraged to release these intimate spell-binding songs, in the desire that they will do the same for you.

Désirée Regina has been called by Le Figaro "Sparkling and genuinely breathtaking". She has performed worldwide with various award winning shows from The Phantom of the Opera in Europe to Ephimera in the Sydney Opera House.

She holds a Bachelor of Music, a Master in Singing Performance and a PostGrad in Opera. These songs were written to suit Desiree's warm and at times dramatic, mezzo soprano voice.

Since winning a major European prize for her poem 'The Old Oak' at the age of 12, she has since gone on to writing many lyrics for songs and musical shows. See below for her artful lyrics for this song cycle.

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"Catch me if you can" The accompaniment for this song has been arranged for piano with optional Bass and Drum Kit parts.


"Catch me if you can" is also available as a vocal duet.

Desiree Regina and Margaret Brandman performed 5 songs from the song cycle - 'Songs of Love and Desire' at the Rhapsodies to Rhumbas Concert on the 9th of November 2013.

"I particularly wanted to give you feedback on the Song Cycle. I was completely rivetted by the compositions - the whole thing : Desiree's singing, lyrics, and most particularly, your interpretation of them. I went where I love to go ...into a musical trance." Benita Rainer.

Songs of Love and Desire

Desiree Regina and Margaret Brandman
performed 5 songs from the song cycle -
'Songs of Love and Desire' at the
Rhapsodies to Rhumbas Concert on
9th of November 2013

Songs of Love and Desire

Desiree Regina singing 'Catch me if you can' from the song cycle 'Songs of Love and Desire' accompanied by the Brandmanburg ensemble rhythm section

Songs of Love and Desire
Margaret and Desiree Regina at the
Rhapsodies to Rhumbas concert

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Songs of Love and Desire
has been listed in the  ANZCA Classical Singing syllabus.

Grade Eight; 

  • Catch Me If You Can,
  • Don't Flee From Me
  • Secrets of a Trembling Passion

Associate Diploma; 

  • Desire,
  • Do You Remember?
  •  In Only One Glance 

"When I was looking for a work for solo performance special study for year 12 Dvorak's Gipsy Songs were originally suggested. However when I listened to them I knew that I would not be able to enjoy learning and performing them. My singing teacher Beverly Peart showed me her copy of Songs of Love and Desire, and I listened to the CD while sight knew immediately that it was what I wanted to perform.

The song cycle presented me with a challenge, and fitted my range perfectly. While enjoying the works my technical ability increased dramatically, and they have offered many opportunities for great interpretation. The lyrics are beautiful and the music is fantastic and unique. They work together to create the song cycle that I have found to be a joy to perform.

I also obtained one of your aural books, and it has been a great help, especially for rhythm."

Thank you for all of your support

Amy Iveson (HSC student)

Adelaide July 2005


Margaret Brandman: Songs of Love and Desire





Notes on the songs in the cycle

1. "Secrets of a trembling passion" This is a dramatic song in a minor key, in which the lover feels an internal duel between fleeing and longing

2. "Desire" This song reflect the lover waking up in the morning in the glow of love. It is a more lyrical and ambient song, using more major harmonies

3. "Do you remember?" This song has a haunting modal melody. The lovers muse on beautiful moments together in the twilight

4. "Catch me if you can" This is a more rhythmic song beginning in a major key, with a contrasting minor section where the voice accompanies the piano solo. The light and breezy mood captures the elation of the lovers

5. "Don't flee from me" This song is the most operatic of the collection. It is in a similar minor key to the first song. Here the singer asks her lover not to leave her in sorrow.

6. "In only one glance" In this final song, the lover recognises her soul mate in one brief glance and realises their eternal connection.

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