Book Review

When Spirits Soar

From Viva Voce – a publication of the Frau und Musik archiv- Frankfurt , Germany -July 2002

Translation from the German

Lucky discovery by Susanne Geiger:

I would like to introduce …..discoveries from the area of chamber music for woodwind instruments.
I recommend the following:

The Australian composer Margaret S. Brandman composed a beautiful piece ‘When Spirits Soar” for Alto or Soprano Saxophone and Piano in 1997. A rare and exquisite arrangement (composition).

Born in 1951 M.S.Brandman received her musical education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Piano and Clarinet, and studied composition at Sydney University.

In the prologue she writes: “ the soaring melodic lines and the relaxed approach achieved created by moving away from fixed time-signatures, entrains the listener to breathe deeply resulting in a feeling of well-being.”

Apart from the peaceful and wide ranging melodies for the Saxophone, accompanied by a prudent piano part, the composition includes lively rhythmical episodes. However it presents itself as indeed a meditative, tuneful piece which creates a feeling of well being also for the participating musicians.