Harmony, Theory and Chord Workbooks

These materials can be used to prepare students in a clear and succinct manner, for many of the topics in AMEB's Music Craft syllabus. For maximum benefit, use in tandem with the Contemporary Aural Course.




Contemporary Theory Primer

This is a fill-in-answer style workbook, including rhythm diagrams to colour for the comprehension of the spatial aspect of rhythm and plenty of practise in intervals, using the simplified interval language. Suitable for use alongside the Junior Primer and Book1A of the Contemporary Piano Method plus Playing Made Easy for Recorder and the Preparatory Set & Set One of the Contemporary Aural Course.

Contemporary Theory Workbooks 1 and 2

Book 1 - Music fundamentals , all major scales, five types of triads, simple time and much more....

Book 2 - All Minor scales, Compound time, all standard four-note chords, modes, other scales, Modulation, Transposition, introduction to harmony and much more....

Contemporary Chord Workbooks 1 and 2

The Contemporary Chord Workbooks provide students the means by which to investigate chords from many points of view, including the scales to which they are linked. The books present each chord with plenty of written exercises in both Treble and Bass clef.

* Book 1 covers all three and four-note chords, plus practical application to several songs. ANSWER BOOK available

* Book 2 moves on the the extended chords, 9ths, 11ths and 13ths.

Harmony Comes Together
book 1

Harmony Comes Together is designed to equip the student with the necessary skills to write both four-part and three-part classical harmony and to cross the divide between contemporary popular, jazz and contemporary classical writing styles with ease and understanding, all the while giving experience in skills required for both classical and contemporary examination syllabi.

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