The Contemporary Aural Course

  • Preparatory Set and Sets 1-8
  • Audio and Workbook Sets

The Contemporary Aural Course is recommended reference material for the AMEB's Contemporary Popular Syllabus

Give yourself a head-start in any examination system that includes an aural component!

The Contemporary Aural Course is not just a series of questions, but includes step-by-step training on how to listen, sing, clap and transcribe and what to listen for. The unique shorthand system for music transcription ensures a professional level of skill, so that students can capture the sounds in the shortest possible time. The format of CD and work-book, ensures that students are able to work independently and listen to sounds every day, rather than once a week during lesson time. So that students can self-check, or the teacher can check answers without using up too much lesson time, the answers are included.

Click here for a complete track list for the Preparatory CDs. These files are in Acrobat format.

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The Contemporary Aural Course

Sets 1- 6

These audio and workbook sets teach how to listen for and transcribe Pitch, Melodies, Rhythm and Harmony (chord types and chord progressions). There are plenty of listening examples and questions to sharpen your skills. The course features a unique shorthand system for transcribing rhythm patterns. The sets include answer sheets.

Set 7 Hear Your Chords! (Double CD set)

Set 8 Hear More Chords! (Double CD set)

The upper levels of the Contemporary Aural Course, focus on chord types and progressions, along with the scales or modes which suit the chords. At the end of each lesson students are required to discern the chord types used to harmonise a familiar tune.

The Contemporary Aural Course is used by many schools and tertiary institutions, including Wesley College in Sydney and Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory.


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